There could be various reasons why, but first and foremost, the owner of the Community will want to check the Community’s settings to see what the “Joining” option is set to. 

To check, the owner should go to their Community’s page -> click the “Manage Community” link and scroll to the bottom...

  • If the “Joining” setting is set to "Open to the Public" then other's should be able to find your Community through the Search function and click “Join”. Then, they’d be able to see the Member List where they can view the owner's hive data if the "Joining" setting is set to "Must be Invited by Member, Admin or Owner" then other users will not be able to join and view the owner's data until they've invited them to join their Community. To do so, the owner should click the Manage Community link in their Community's page —> enter in the email addresses associated with the recipients HiveTracks account —> click the Invite button. The recipient of the invite should check their email inbox for the invitation. 

Of note, please be sure that you have at least one yard and one hive set up in your HiveTracks account before creating or joining a Community. If you do not, you will not be able to create, join or view other Community data. 

Still can't join or see other's data? Please Submit a Ticket