The Inspections page consists of a long list of check boxes, text boxes, sliders and radio buttons. There are many things you can record in an inspection and we try to capture as many possibilities as we can, but it doesn’t mean you need to check these items all the time. So, record as much or little as needed. Sometimes you might just record a note. For example, in the winter you might note: "Bees are moving at the entrance.". That would be enough. 

Some things to highlight, we auto-fill in Inspection Date and time when you’re accessing the inspection page, but you can back date inspections not done in real-time. 

The Notes box is important and often times we'll only record our thoughts about the inspections. Sometimes just a good summary of what we did or saw is all we need.

Strength is your esimtate of the honey bee colony. Rarely do we mark a hive as 100% or 0%, unless it's a dead out. You choose what you think the different measures means and stick with it.

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