To view your Inventory:

1. Click Inventory in the sidebar menu.

How Inventory works - 

If you create a new hive, then the components of that new hive get added to your inventory. The only components that are shown in your inventory are the components that belong to active hives in your account. If, for example, you remove a super and extract honey, then you'll want to go to the hive edit page for said hive and remove the super (using the hive editor) from the hive and save it. Then, the inventory will automatically subtract that one super from your inventory list. 

Columns in Inventory table - 

Actively in Use: all the components in-use by Active hives in your account. Components belonging to Dead/Inactive hives in your account are not accounted for unless you click the "COUNT INACTIVE HIVES IN TOTAL TALLY" checkbox; this will then show the total number of components in use by both Active and Dead/Inactive hives in your account.

"Shed (not in use)": is simply a way for you to track all additional components you own but are not in use (these components would not belong to any of the active hives in your account). We recommend clicking the "SHOW UNUSED COMPONENTS" check box on the inventory page so that you can see all the hive components listed in the program. From there, you can manually enter in the number of components you own that are not in-use by active hives in your account (ie they are currently in you shed).

So, for example, if you have three hives in your account and they all use a telescoping tops, then you'll see the number "3" in the telescoping tops column in your inventory. Lets say in addition, you also own five garden tops, but these components are not currently in-use. So to account for these components, you would click "SHOW UNUSED COMPONENTS" and enter in "5" in the  garden tops column. This just gives you a way to track that information. So then, if you create a hive in your account that includes a garden top, the program will not automatically subtract one from the five garden tops in your shed. What'll happen is that one garden top will now show in your "Actively in Use" column in your inventory, and then you'll want to click "SHOW UNSUED COMPONENTS" and manually subtract one from the five garden tops originally listed in your shed (ie "4").

Use the Notes section to record additional details or information.

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