To navigate to your Inventory, click on Inventory from the sidebar navigation.

How Inventory works:

The Actively in Use column accounts for all components in use by Active hives. Components from Inactive or Dead hives are not show unless you click the Count Inactive Hives in Active tally checkbox which will then show the total number of components in use by both Active and Inactive/Dead hives.

The Shed (not in use) column is a means to account for the components that are in your operation but are not in use at all. This column is not affected by the addition or subtraction of hive components; rather, it is autonomous and the numbers in this column require manual input and edit if/when components are removed storage and put in use. 

The Total column simply adds all components that are actively in use plus what's in your shed. 

  • Note: if you’ve check marked the Count Inactive Hives in Active tally checkbox then it will add all components that are Active and Inactive or Dead plus the components in your Shed

Use the Notes section to record additional details or information.

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